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DHT: 0 Nodes / Waiting to connect... Error


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Hello everyone,

I just moved to my fathers house where they have a laptop connected via Charter Communications cable. The laptop is hardwired into a NetGear router which has port 49600 forwarded by me.

I installed uTorrent on this laptop, and since it's install I've had this DHT problem which appears to be common based on my Google search. Unfortunately, I've found many solutions on Google, but none of them seemed to do me any justice.

Considering this is not my computer, I can not make any blatantly obvious changes or changes that hinder it's owners user experience. Norton 360 is installed on this computer, but when I tried to configure it for uTorrent I was unable to open it. It seems to be corrupted and needs a reinstall. I checked the service list and task list and it doesn't appear to be running - an all services are disabled. So, I don't believe it's having any effect currently. I'm not aware of any other firewalls besides the Windows firewall - which I've disabled.

Any assistance or advice would be highly appreciated.


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