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Speed?.. Again!


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Alright so a couple days back i posted this: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=433623#p433623

I did all the things posted and i'm still getting crap speeds

Here is what i usually get when running a speedtest


Although the speed is low i'm not getting any where near that speed in uTorrent. I get on average 70kBs download and 30kBs upload

I'm constantly getting that little orange warning sign in the bottom bar about my network configuration

What should i do?

Thanks a lot


EDIT: Forgot to mention. I did the Glasnost throttling test None of the three ports are being throttled. And all three ports came up with almost the same speeds. Download at least 706Kbps and uploaded at least 305Kbps. So why is my uTorrent speed only 10% of that?

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