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[2.0 Beta]Completely kills internet, upload limit not working


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I downloaded the latest beta of µTorrent because I read that it has a cool new protocol allowing it to download without jamming the internet and this making it easier for ISPs.

Because I have a quite slow internet connection (DSL 4000, 500KB/s down) I chose to give it a try and was hoping for a better performance. My down/upload rates were set to 300/30 with the old version, but as soon as I started the new one, I couldn't connect to the internet at all. GMail failed, Facebook couldn't reload, my ICQ and MSN went offline and searching Google took around 45 seconds. But µTorrent continued to download with fine 300KB/s as I told it to. Thus I decreased upload to 15KB/s, but it still went to around 35, setting it even lower didn't help as well.

Immediately in the second I close µTorrent 2.0, all my websites load again, MSN reconnects, etc...

Why is this happening? I thought the new version is supposed to easy internet traffic, not jam the connection completely!!!

Downgraded to 1.8.5 again, now I can at least download/seed torrents AND surf the internet at the same time.

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Okay, so if my equipment is the problem, which part of it will it be? My Windows 7 will be able to handle it, as well as my Gigabyte MA790XT mainboard, since both are quite new. But my internet connection is created by connecting two routers, one is directly connected to the net and broadcasting WiFi, the other one is repeating WiFi and my computer is connected via cable to the repeater.

So will the routers cause the problem? Or the ISP itself?

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