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Slow download, very confused about how to fix it


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Hi from Australia!

I've been using torrentz to download tv shows and movies for a few months now.

I have a 20GIG limit for ADSL2 which I went over last month so my download dropped to like 2kbs (sux!) but we have now entered the new monthly billing period so I have 20GIG to use again. Usually when the new monthly billing period kicks in, my download rate will just increase and my tv shows and movies will download at over 100kbs (or whatever it is) but not this time. I am still stuck at under 10kB/s.

I'm a girl and I DONT speak computer language! I don't understand how torrentz works, all I know is that I click on the show I want to download from torrentz.com and them it magically appears in the utorrentz tracker window thing and I can see how fast its coming to my computer and approximately how long it will take to get there. And episode of like NCIS will about 30mins usually.

I have restarted my pc a few times, and restarted the modem but still download is slow.

in the utorrent window tracker thing, at the bottom of the window theres a little red dot and when I click on this, it says sonmething like "not connected, a firewall is limiting your network traffic, open a port up". I don't know what a port is, nor how to open it and so far all the instructions I've found make no sense to me whatsoever. I'm really really confused!

I just want to know why my downloading speed is so crap now, even though I'm at the beginning of a new billing month and I now have my 20GIG monthly allowance on ADSL2. I didn't change any settings and I haven't done anything different on my computer in the last few days.

(trying to download the new NCIS eps - dying to see them but its going to take DAYS to download EACH ep at this rate!!!!)

Please help if you can. If not, sorry for wasting a thread (or whatever this is)



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Hi Try he following site and stop any internet activity during the test:


Ya you could be being punished for going over your 20gig limit as the ISP has deemed to weed out any overuser specifically Torrent users altho they do NOT admit to targeting torrent users but they are..

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