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Network hammered when Win7 Laptop and XP utorrent running


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Hello all,

I Have an XP desktop PC that runs utorrent through wireless (Sky in UK). And a laptop that was running vista, and everything was running swimmingly


I upgraded to Windows 7 on my laptop... The upgrade went fine and my laptop works a treat


Now whenever I have utorrent running on the XP desktop and my win7 laptop on the wireless network too, suddenly my browsing and torrent speeds drop considerably!!

If I then switch off the laptop, utorrent and browsing springs back to life,

or if I close utorrent on the XP machine then I can browse internet and network them no problem!!

Does anyone know what it is?

My router is the sagem router that sky provide, I have tweaked utorrent as much as i can all to no avail.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I am only running utorrent from the xp machine. Its not installed on my Win7 Laptop.

Its got me baffled!!

My friends vista laptop being on the network is not a problem, its just when Win7 Laptop is switched on!!

Bizarre isnt it!!

Any further ideas?

Oh also if I close utorrent on my xp machine with my win7 laptop on the network, everything springs back into life too

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