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Small GUI Tweak suggestion.


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I have a small suggestion to save a few lines of GUI-space.

In the standard gui:


The "Tracker-info" have 4 rows of information.

Would be nice if "Tracker Status", "Update In" and "DHT-Status" could be changed in to 3 columnes (instead of rows). Better symmetry with the "Transfer"-view and you'll save a few lines of space.

Like this:


Just a small tweak-change. But all reguests doesn't have to be enourmous (i hope).

Thanks for a great torrent client.



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-1 i like it the way its now. all values fast spotable. i would have to wander arround the whole screen just to see if dht is enabled.

i have to "search" for it.

but the way its now, i see all with one area. faster than yours.

but i also think its a lot of space behind the tracker URL, maybe split the thing in half ?

like tracker and general like a split screen or something. but thats just space filling.

and if the tracker URL is to long it will get messy maybe general and tracker values mixed together in a well ordered space

sufficiant way :) greetz

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dont like to upload the pics somewere so i explane:

the way its now the values are in an area like 1,5-1,5 cm.

the way it would be change to would be far stretched out. the values would be cut into pieces,

each own has to be searched new then.

it would be spanning over the whole window. what is huge.

its just more convenient readable now.

one spot. all checked.

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