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Files Do Not Finish Downloading


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I've used uTorrent quite a bit in the past, but I have had a problem since I had Windows 7 put on my computer. At first, I had the Disk Overload problem, but that is fixed now. I was downloading at 1.5Mb/s, but it gets to 99.9% and stops. The other threads I have found talk about failed hashes, but it doesn't show me having any failed hashes. When I click on the Files tab, the Pieces column is fully green for every file, but the Percentage still reads 0.0. During one of my downloads, one file had a small blue sliver in the Pieces column and was showing 2.47%, but that was it. I've made sure to try with a torrent that had plenty of seeders, and the files were fully available from all of them, but still no luck, only green files, no blue.

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