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tcpip.sys cause system restart..?


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Hello to ppl here..!

Don't know if this is right place for ask but..

my wierd problem is caused by tcpip.sys..

System is windows xp sp3.. i have evID patch for open connections, and i belive that there somewhere is problem..

system restarts about 5 times per day.. there is no some pattern..

i disabled automatic restart and saw this error on bsod:

tcpip.sys - Address AE1B4C16 base at AE1AD000 Datestamp 48025cec

next time error was same but with diferent address base..

i had some speed issues the day when i think problem have started, or when i caused that error..

i updated utorrent (don't know why exactly), i am using 1.8.3b with no problems at all, but after upade i hade very slow speed, both with surfing and downloading.. so i downgrade it but still no improvment, then i downloaded bitspirt too see if there is change and it was better.. the problem is i should restart computer and everything will be fine i think, but this way i have messed up..

i think that bitspirit has his own patch for connections so maybe there is start of problems.. program is unistalled..

I downloaded TCPZ and played with limits and maybe there is key.. don't know..

i i replaced tcpip.sys with original file and patch it again, with evid and problems continue..

i see in event viewer warning here and there:

TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.

i hope someone smells something and give me some advice..

Thx in advance and sorry for my bad grammar and bad language knowledge :)

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