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(translated Google)

There is a problem:

I have uTorrent on a long list of distributions, and most of them I keep only to give and earn top .. But how to understand what a torrent is not distributed? Not all torrents "eternal" .. There are such classics, it is heard little but steadily, but the film-new items are heard while they were novelties, and it makes no sense to keep them on the distribution of all time .. But I can not see the intensity of hands - how many were heard from each hand for some time. I'd love to see some kind to weekly (customizable time interval) schedule - as heard on every hand for previous periods .. And as I see that the torrent does not give or hear a little, then I delete it or bear to another place ..

In response to this need, I could write a program that would, for example, once an hour to scan files resume.dat and rented to the testimony "gives" to each torrents .. And then analyze this information as your heart desires ..

For full happiness I need a description of the file resume.dat, perhaps someone knows where can I get it? Preferably description in Russian, if not, you can, and in English .. I promise to share the development first and foremost with those who will facilitate business! ..

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