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uTorrent 1.8.4 slow speed problem resolved.

Random Goodman

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I switched off ALL firewals including Windows firewall and AV software too and restarted uTorrent - no any improvement... Speed at 30 Kbytes (usually - 70-120) and starting loosing peers until zero. The problem with speed exists only with 1.8.4, not 1.8.3 and firewall in this case not the source. tried 1.8.5 too little time to say anything, but LOOKS like the problem also is there. Anyway now i'm sittin at 1.8.3 and all okay with all firewalls and AV soft switch on.

And the problem is with the torrents from Piratebay and so on big and "dirty" resources. With local trackers there was no problems at all.

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No, switched off means unloaded win service (checked manually)

Firewall is: outpost 2009 free (latest)

AV: Avira free (latest)

Everything including win is 32-bit

Win - windows vista home premium

and by your logic, when i re-installed 1.8.3 it should aslo block it as changed executable

But it never happen

I tried different settings like allow all, autolearn, unload service at 1.8.4- no good

1.8.3 was blocked for first time (and firewall showed that) but when i marked it as "allow rule" everything is ok with working firewall

Right now it downloading with max speed avaliable for my poor channel

And do't loosing nor speed nor peers like 1.8.4

It's difinitely was a some kind of uTorrent glitch.

BTW: a'm sitting behind NAT, but ISP didn't change its firewall settings during my experiments and didin't reboot it.

But local trackers i mentioned anyway is at the other side of NAT.

Sorry for bad English.

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"and by your logic, when i re-installed 1.8.3 it should aslo block it as changed executable"

Often the firewall "remembers" the previous version...BUT software firewalls are often so poorly executed that almost anything is possible in levels of failure.

v1.8.5 should be more reliable than v1.8.4 OR v1.8.3.

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