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Port Forwarding not working at all


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Hello there I need help:

I have the windows 7 ultimate original. Ok here we go, I put my IP to static, I created an exeption both on Windows 7's firewall and on comodo's firewall, I forwarded the right port as explaned on the portforward.com website, my router is DI-524 D-Link, my moden is D-link 500b and I have a DSL conection

The problem is, the little yellow triangle is still saying that something is wrong with my conection, I did the test and it always came back negative for the port I'm using, I tried all i know and it seems not to be working

The router is Wireless but I'm conected thru the wired LAN on the back

My speed is quite low right now, I have no idea on how to fix it, but I'm sure that it have something to do with the new Router never had this issue before buying it, but since I have to Share my conection with other parts of the house now getting back to my "shark" router is not an option

Any help will be appreciated

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Since I don't know exactly what "octets" means I'll just post the whole thing:

MAC Address 00-1E-58-15-83-A5

Connection DHCP Client Connected.

Remaining Lease Time 13:06:17

IP Address

Subnet Mask


Domain Name Server

PS is my moden's IP

So do I have to port forward it on the moden too?

EDIT: I tried turning off both my firewalls and it was of no help, damn! Would be so easy if it just work!

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