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1. Use the "?" button on your filter and make sure you see the torrent in the list

2. if not - try - *stargate?sg* .

3. Also - make sure you have deleted the *corrent* torrent from history. Sometimes there are a few of them there...

(Firon: I think history should have more info - like the feed name, so people will be sure of what is what)

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The problem is not with the settings apparently as that had no changes.

So I've tried to delete the filter and create a new one, and it found a match and started the download; however, when I tried to re-download it after deleting the torrent and its download history, the problem came back. Looks like I have to create new filters if I want to re-download.

Sure sounds and feels like a bug to me.

Windows XP SP2 with patched TCP/IP.

Thank you for your assistance, folks... :)

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