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Speed problem


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Downloading a game or movie with good speed from starting 20 seed get around 60-80kb/s then slowly started to drop to 10k-20kb/s....sometimes it raise to 30kb/s then it drop again and never raise again. I have tried with many download it still the same. I using torrent alpha 2.1, i live in singapore, using singtel broadband, my utorrent setting:

Enable upnp port mapping

Enable nat-pmp port mapping

maximum upload rate 60

global maximum number of connections 130

maximum number of connection peers per torrent 70

enable DHT network

enable DHT for new torrents

enable local peer discovery

ask tracker for scrape information

enable peer exchange

Problem solved 2 days ago:http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=63782

Some advanced setting changed

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