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Uploading faster than Maximum Upload Rate?


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Last month Ive noticed an issue with utorrent where the program seems to completely forget what settings I have in, at first I thought maybe something was playing up and just needed a reinstall, but since have ran into the exact same issue on a clean formatted different machine.

Everything will be running fine, 3 torrents active, 2 downloading, 7kb max upload rate (wireless internet with a shit signal going back but fine hitting me) but randomly when I leave it for a while and check on it all torrents in the list will be active and the upload rate will be unlimited, crippling the connection.

As I said this has happened on completely seperate machines, one XP one Windows 7. The problem rectifies after closing utorrent (needs to be ctrl alt del and forced shut) and restarting it.

Tried latest versions of utorrent etc and cant seem to find anyone with the same issue.

Anyone had a similar or the same problem of utorrent randomly forgetting your settings?

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