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Routing utorrent out through a specific NIC


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This is my setup. I have to internet connections. The one is a wireless network card that connects to a router and the other is a mobile HSDPA modem that I connect with. The HSDA modem connects with a PPPOE connection and I connect to the other router with my wireless card through normal Windows networking.

What I want to do:

I currently play WOW through my HSDPA modem, however at certain times of the day this connection has some limitations so I dont want to congest the connection and effect my latency with utorrent.

The wireless NIC connection is not used and I would like use that for utorrent. How would I be able to direct utorrent to just use the wireless network card to download and not interfere with any traffic going through the HSDPA modem?

Im using Windows Vista :(

Thanks in advance!

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