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Quick question about the difference in speeds


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I have one file that is downloading at

File 1 - Seeds - 77(3771) Peers - 1(283) Down Speed - 622.6kB/s

Another file is

File 2 - Seeds - 22(904) Peers - 58 (6751) Down Speed 10.9kB/s

I understand File 1 has more seeds, but is there some sort of a ratio between seeds and the actual people you connect to?

File 2 has 30+ folks at 100% completion, but is only connected to a few of them. Also File 2 was started first. Nothing happens to File 2's speed even if it is the only file downloading/uploading.

I just didn't know why there would be a difference in speed or why uTorrent only connects to some folks and not others.

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