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Torrent (how to?)


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I downloaded a number of files via use of the torrent, then moved the files at a later date in an effort to clean up my utorrent program. I then moved the files to another folder. They now are no longer listed in my utorrent, and no longer have the torrent file used to download them.

What I would really like to do is "reshare" some of these files, mostly because of a lack of seeds with 100% so others may also have these files.

I am a bit "green" when it comes to understanding torrents, I did do a lot of reading, however after trying several methods I saw posted, I still failed to pull it off.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here.

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Find the .torrent that displays a lack of seeds (from the tracker or indexer), then load it into uT.

When you see the dialog box to add a .torrent file, choose the folder where are the complete files, uT will force a recheck (to 100% in theory) and seed.

If you have dispatched some files in different folders, stop the torrent job (even if the previous forced recheck is not to 100%) and go to Files tabs. Click on the 'missing' files and relocate them. Then force a recheck (to 100% normally) and seed.

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