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Internal tracker resolve wrong IP from dyndns


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Internal torrent tracker in utorrent resolve any *.dyndns.info peers into, but not to their reai ip.

How to reproduce:

0. enable dyndns service on router

1. enable internal torrent tracker

2. create torrent, in 'tracker' inputbox type http://testdns.dyndns.info:youport/announce , select 'initial seeding' and 'private torrent'

3. Make sure port is open for incoming connecting by type at cmd: telnet testdns.dyndns.info youport

4. Send torrent file to another computer

5. Open torrent file on another computer

6. Select torrent, select Peers tab, right click and select 'copy peers to clipboard'

7. Paste clipboard to notepad and see

8. See empty peers in Peers tab.

I try to examine http request using HTTP Analyzer, there is now real IP returned by first utorrent, but is there.

Tested on 3 machines with WinXP, Win 7, with 2 routers, and 1.8.4. version of utorrent.

p.s. feature request: please allow select multiple dirs in 'create torrent' dialog. It will be so useful.

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Yes, is the internal adress of my routers (tested on Dir 320 and Zyxel 330w).

Is I must have to fill line 'ip/hostname to report to tracker' in 'bittorent' tab with 'myhostname.dyndns.info' only ?


I change it to myhost.dyndns.info at seeder computer, but peer computer still receive

updated: Is there bug in utorrent, or some wrong settings ?

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