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TCP Port Random: 0.9.1, 0.9.2, 0.9.3


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This problem is not uncommon but in the past I've not experienced it THIS bad so Im posting it so at the very least others that have the problem they can take solace in that they're not the only ones.

Opened port on my router, set ports in Network pane. uTorrent refuses to recognize I've made a change in the network pane until I restart the program (ie. the connection goes from yellow -no incoming connections to red -cannot connect even after ive put in the correct port). When I restart uTorrent it changes my port. Repeat cycle ... bang head on wall repeatedly .... repeat cycle again.

Others report being able to change the port within a session and uTorrent responds to the change ... and have no problems. I cannot, nor have I been able to in previous versions. NORMALLY, though, 0.9.2 would (sooner or later) NOT change the port in my network pane and I would be fine until an update came out, which would change my ports again. This used to take 3 or 4 uTorrent re-starts before it would cut-out the shenanigans. 0.9.3 is relentless.

Upnp is off

Randomize Ports off

canyouseeme.com confirms open port

.plist deleted (repeatedly)

dat files deleted (repeatedly)

I will revert to 0.9.2 as 0.9.3 is useless with this problem.

EDIT: If I turn ON auto-port mapping (even if I dont want to auto-port map) it keeps my port settings. This is in 0.9.2

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