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Am I missing something? 3 torrents with > 2000 seeds...


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I've never seen this before.

I happened upon a few torrents that show more than 2,000 seeds each, along with a smattering of peers. After more than an hour, none have peered with me. At the same time a few other torrents are working properly. Generally, a large number of seeds is a pretty good guarantee that I'll have a nice list of peers to be working with, quickly.

Are those high numbers some kind of artifact, perhaps? I just now checked, and I have one peer now, on one of the three, not a seed.

Not being really up to speed on the BT protocols, I can't quite identify a place to look. I did try manually updating trackers, but that's more of a guess than anything else.

Not having had any particular trouble with plenty of other torrents, now and in the past, tells me there's not likely to be something seriously wrong with the status here.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

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There are torrents with poisoned/fake peer lists. To see the list of peer/seed ips uTorrent checks, go to the PEERS tab/window and right-click then copy peer list. Paste that into notepad or wordpad...or some sort of text editor. Fake/poisoned ips are typically impossible numbers or lots of ips in a tiny ip range.

To clear that list...

Right-click on those torrents, choose Advanced, Clear peer list.

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Actually, that's what's so strange about this. None of the possible seeds/peers has actually connected, with that sole exception. The peers window has one entry. There's nothing bogus about it, but that's not really the problem here.

If you look at the data in the main window you see this:

Avail. Seeds Peers

0.000 0(2111) 1(68)

In other words, they're out there, but are ignoring me, except for that one single peer.

The other two of the three torrents I'm talking about look similar, with slightly different numbers, and in those cases, no peers connected at all.

There are four trackers in the trackers window, in addition to DHT, Local peer discovery and Peer exchange. Only one of the four is working.

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By odd coincidence I grabbed the OOo files just a few days ago... ;-)

Anyway, I stopped the torrent to stop it seeding, renamed the downloaded file and forced re-check to make sure uTorrent was no longer aware of the old file, then started it up. It came up to speed in barely seconds and is now running very well, along with a few others.

It sounds to me like it must be what you said, some kind of illusory numbers from dead torrents. So, anyway, it looks like the question is answered, I'll just remove the torrents and move on.

Thanks for the help.

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