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uTorrent application will not shut off or uninstall.


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I recently installed uTorrent on my Mac. I've been running it continuously for a few days with no problems. Today, while in the middle of using the application, the uTorrent icon on my dock and the "on" light underneath it turned off and then back on in a split second. All processing stopped and most items reset to 0%. It has been several hours now, and the glitch has not corrected itself. I tried adding a new movie to the application and it was accepted but it did nothing (stayed at 0%). My internet connection still works. I can and did remove all items that were processing or in queue. I deleted everything in my download folder. Besides being frozen, the application will not shut down! I cannot get the application to "quit". I tried to uninstall it according the the information on this site but I cannot remove the icon on my dock. It remains there, continuously running, even after the application is removed from my application folder and put in the trash and the uTorrent folder in Library is removed to trash. I ran a virus scan and found no virus. Please help. I want to shut off the uTorrent application and then uninstall it to correct the problem.

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