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Morphues Deleted - Now Can't Run UTorrent


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I had been using UT successfully, until a family member installed Morpheus. Ever since I got rid of Morpheus, UT will not run. I can get the application going, but it won't add a torrent or start an upload or download. It keeps circling back to "rsume torrent" "retry torrent" messages; and I get a Listen Error.

Making this worse, Morpheus would not uninstall -- and apparently this has happened to others as witness by the venom on some of the Morpheus forums.

So, I had to do delete all of the files and folders for Morpheus. My hunch is that there is some port or modem setting that is out of whack due to my Morpheus mess.

If others have ideas, I would appreciate the help. I'm running Windows with SP2 and Norton 2006 for a firewall.

Pleae help, I'm missing some great music out there.


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As you said, Morpheus screwed up (odd that it's not letting go of the old port after being removed). Make sure it's not running before you uninstall (aka not listed in Task Manager)... otherwise, just change ports and do the usual portforwarding, I guess. And switch firewalls.

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Morpheus probably broke the LSP chain which controls internet connectivity.

It has spyware/adware, that acts as a man-in-the-middle to "listen" (and phone home) your internet traffic. When you uninstalled it, it yanked out its listener...but didn't reconnect the chain.

Go here to read more about it:


You'll probably need this file:


You probably could use this too...though you may need to learn alot to get the most out of it:


This manually finds what alot of antivirus+antispyware software misses.

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