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Port forwarded correctly but still showing an not connectable


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I recently changed routers (Linksys WRT160N) and also got a new ISP (TPG Australia) and i have a problem where i can successfuly forward port 10001 and it shows that it is open but i still cannot get rid of that red warning icon showing that i cannot get a connection.

the torrents i am downloading work for about 20 seconds or so peak at around 250kb/s but then sharply drop down to about 0.1 - 1kb/s which is rediculous.

any ideas?

Im running Vista

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It could be possible that in addition to being behind your router's NAT, that your ISP has you behind an additional NAT router on their end. In this situation there isn't much that can be done except to contact your ISP.

One way to determine whether you're behind two NAT routers is to use a service like ip-adress.com to see what your outermost IP address is and compare that to the WAN side IP address reported by your router. If yoru own router is the only router with NAT, the IPs address will be the same. If they differ then you could be behind two NAT routers.

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