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Delete data not torrent

gaby de wilde

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I would like to (already do) use utorrent as a torrent file organizer also. The labels are much more useful than a windos directory with hundreds of torrent files in it.

I have only limited disk space atm so sometimes I have to make room for something and delete stuff I really want to keep.

I also make torrents with webseeds but I still like to have the torrent to sit in my client. When sending the link I download it just so that there is an additional seed. Behavior seems to depend on the client, some get it from my webserver some use the tracker, some use both. I'm not sure how it works, all I know is that I delete the data after sharing :)

I also like to collect fake torrents until I find the real one. An option to get rid of the data would be much appreciated here. It feels ironic to have GB's of nonsense on my disk.

sometimes I add a list of torrents I don't want to download just jet, as I have it set to autostart those do create folders. I'm currently re-checking all my torrents to see which ones have actual data. I would like to delete all data associated with 0% torrents. The windos directory doesn't give much clue on this.

It is just a thought of course, hope it makes sense,

Thanks and good luck,

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