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uTorrent 2.0 - hash check turns up files as corrupt when they're not


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I have been trying the 2.0 beta out on two different computers, and have had the same problem on both of them

Sometimes when I complete a torrent, if I manually click "force re-check" it will tell me that some pieces are missing.

However before and after this there is nothing wrong with the file. For example the latest torrent I did this with was a music from Jamendo.

Apparently 2 files had pieces missing but they play perfectly fine.

Now this has happened on two different computers, completely different configurations, yet both with uTorrent 2.0

As far as I know there is no specific way to reproduce this problem. It just randomly happens.

I considered the possibility of a memory and hard drive problem but for one of the PCs this is on a 2-week old hard drive, no bad sectors, and RAM tests perfectly with memtest. Also this PC is rock solid in all other respects (eg: I can play games for hours non-stop and nothing is wrong)

The fact that it also happens on a different PC (which also passes memtest and runs perfectly stable) is really quite odd.

To me this seems like a bug, which is why I decided to write this.

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