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upload speed problems


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first of all i d like to say that i ve read most related topics but none seems to work for me

i have a desktop running windows XP sp2. my connections is a 24Mbps and my μtorrent version is 1.8.5. the application is set as an exception on my Windows firewall and my router' s firewall has been disabled. my router is a Thomson TG585 and i' m using an eset NOD32 antivirus. i ve run the speed tests A LOT and the average comes to 3.58Mb/s for downloading and 1.01Mb/s for uploading. Must say i have read Ultima' s guide real carefully then set my IP adress all the way and followed the procedure of port fordwarding μtorrent on my router, also performed the check to see if the port is open successfully.

And now to the problem: i have a satisfying downloading speed and have no problem with downloading generally, but when it comes to seeding then BOOM! It seeds just while i 'm downloading torrentsand once downloading is completed the program seems to find no peers at all most of the time and when it does the upload speed is usually non-existing or at its best 2-3 kb/s for no more than two torrents each time.

Thing is i had an older version of the program which seemed to work just fine but shutdown which forced it to perform checking each time since a "gentle" shutdown would not occur no-matter-what so i just updated to the latest version but the previous one had no upload speed issues.

Don t know if i sound desperate but i sure am!

I would really appreciate a helping hand here...

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nope however there seems to have gotten some "almighty" help and the whole thing seems to get better day by day(after of course repeating the port forwarding each and every day) lots lots lots of thanks however for takin the time to deal with my problems. really appreciate it

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