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Protecting yourself - PeerGuardian, ToR....


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Fortunately my ISP does not cap/shape my torrent connections. Still, I sometimes wonder if I should be doing more to protect my privacy/security when downloading the not so legal warez thats floating around.

What is currently the best method to protect one's self? PeerGuardian? ToR? I realize that no option is 100% secure but rather offer varying levels of security.

It's said that current versions of PeerGuardian dont use hardly any CPU resources and could help a little. It's not supposed to effect your speeds but I have yet to personally try it. Then there is also ToR. While it is more effective from an anonymity view, it seems it might really slow down your transfers.

I'm looking for input/experience/advice on any of these methods (and ones I didnt mention).

http://phoenixlabs.org/pg2 - PeerGuardian2

http://tor.eff.org - ToR

Encryption & Traffic shaping articles worth noting...



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The best way to stay safe is to not download at all ;P

But seriously, PeerGuardian is about as safe as it gets... and that's not much. Any of the traditional P2P application available right now is prone to these issues. ToR shouldn't be used for P2P, since it's abusive to the ToR servers, and runs very slowly anyhow (ToR was never made for P2P).

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Yes, bouncing around like that with ToR and p2p doesnt seem like it would work well.

I guess PeerGuardian is about it then huh? Is it very effective at all. Essentially you are just blacklisting/filtering known IP's. I suppose that is as good as it gets. Is it worth installing it and having it running all the time?

Not downloading? Thats not an option :D

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I personally don't use it, but I don't really download illicit files, so I don't really have anything ot hide xP

It's probably worth having, just in case -- doesn't really hurt to have it running, after all, and might provide some sort of protection (I'm not sure how much though).

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Definately don't use proxies/tor for p2p transfers. You never know who owns those networks/proxies you will be transferring through, so basically you are trusting them to not catch you. Though, of course Tor has it's advantage(s) since it uses encryption across each router, except the last route.

Of course, nothing is 100% protection, but I have good faith in bluetack's lists. Im sure any protection is better than nothing. But yea, the safest would be to not download illegal material :P

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Tor is fine, use it for trackers. So in µtorrent go to Other options and setup Tor as "Proxy Server for HTTP requests." No Tor node should know it's place in the encrypted chain, and the traffic is encrypted. So to find YOU, the traffic must first be decrypted, then one would have to follow each last node in the chain, get control of it, decrypt it, and so on. There is no knowing how many nodes there are between a certain node and you, so this is just so plain stupid I don't think anyone is trying to abuse the Tor protocol right now.

1) Use PeerGuardian, update everyday, makes you feel good at least :rolleyes:

2) Use µtorrent and encryption

3) Use Tor/Privoxy for trackers

4) Set up a browser to use Tor and use that browser whenever you do p2p activity (register and use private trackers, download torrent files from any tracker, post in forums, chat in IRC, using Google/Gmail etc.)

5) Set you firewall to block incoming ping requests and outgoing ping replies, and as much else as you can to still have a connection (NetBIOS, other ICMP protocols, IGMP etc.). Make sure you are 100% stealthed at Shields Up!

6) Go through the pain of using PeerGuardian to block HTML if you are really paranoid, but I don't think it's worth it.

7) Use a secure webbrowser (Opera)

8) Set up the service you use to be Tor Hidden Services. That way the nodes in the Tor chain have even less clue about where you're going, they'll only see addresses like this:


Set up a TOR server! It's really easy, and your contribution is needed. You may set it up to not allow any exit if your ISP won't like that (so that your server won't appear on the actual end of the chain, which is the tracker / forum etc.).

Happy P2P-ing :cool:

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Well, if one were to use peerguardian to feel a bit more on the safer side, one should use it as an indication that a place was being flooded, or is flooded with agents.

Yes, this may sound like a corny matrix post, but seriously that's what they are, agents of a

system that's trying to catch as many offenders as possible.

So, when you see that blip on your radar, get out as fast as you can.

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Hey all,


I use PeerGuardain2, well does it help? That's a question we could fight about for the end of time. But it does make me feel better when it blinks, That's one less time I will be deported overseas to an American jail, As so many other Australian's have been since the signing of the new Trade Agreement. No one will vist me there :( . It uses almost no CPU power, so it's not slowing down anything on my PC. So why don't use it?


Sheilds Up is a great site! it always makes me feel better when I'm all stealthed up.

this machine does not exist on the Internet.


Join a Clan. Some have rules only people in them are voted in get voted in and you got good safe DL source and cracked severs to play the latest games on :)

But none of this will lull me into a false sence of security. That 100,000s of Tossers all over the world want to get a promotion for "taking me down"


Don't use the internet and hide under your bed :)

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2. Bullshit. When you're stealthed, it means nothing, you're not actually stealthed. It's very obxious a machine exists at that IP address. :P

No shit of course I exists. But for all those Noobie want a be hackers doing random pinging test over a ip range looking for targets. I wont be the one they get to test there skills on. And that takes care of the first 80% of the nasties. The last 20% are going for a open ftp port 21. Which my FTP is not at. Or one of the other open port that u need to use the net/utilities. Stealth just means to me that all my spare port not need by my are locked down So = a lack of Backdoor.Trojans.Virus on my PC doing nasty stuff to me.

like opening my ports. So now we have 10% left good quality Hackers who not give a shit about me, and are crashing the party for groups like Microsoft, FBI, KGB, NASA, and many other exciting places to go.

And Iam no expert. It's just an opinion, that I thought mite help :)

P.S. Hope I don't sound like a Troll

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