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Unstable download speeds


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As you can see in the following graph, my download speeds are pretty unstable, but there seems to be some kind of repeating pattern to it.

(NOTE: Up is Down, and Down is Up, since we're watching the LAN graph here)


Anyone have any idea of what this might be? Or how I should proceed to troubleshoot this?

I have a multi-wan setup with pfSense as my main router, with load balancing. uTorrent runs as a service on a Windows Server 2003, which again runs on a ESX3.5 server. All storage is done on a seperate server running FreeNAS. Cat5E gigabit connection between all nodes. So it shouldn't be the hardware?

Total connection speed (Down / Up) : ~19000 Kbit/s / ~2600 Kbit/s

The only change I have done recently, is to change the protocol in NAT / Firewall rules from TCP to TCP/UDP, in order to support uTP (which, as far as I understand it, sends UDP packets).

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