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The handle is invalid


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I get the error "The handle is invalid" when trying to change the download mode of a file from "skip" to "high" or any other priority. It waits one second and then the download stops, for the error I just mentioned. Setting it to skip and click start, and it starts again.

1. I download to an external hard drive

2. I use 2.1 beta, 17085

3. It has happened twice already on different torrents. And yes, every time I try it does give the error.

4. On the download dialog where you choose the files you want to download (the initial one), checking all files works fine. Unchecking one and adding it later triggers the error.

5. I am on Windows 7 x64 RC1, all updates applied, and no special drivers or whatever installed.

6. Obviously, crash dumps etc don't matter right now.

I'm a programmer myself so if the uTorrent team wants me to test anything, feel free to ask, cause I'd really like to see this issue to be resolved.


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