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Afteradding router incomming connections are blocked.


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Hi all.

I have been reading all guides and howto's but i might be missing something. Because i can not get my connection to work. The problem started after i changed provider. The difference in setup is that now i did not get a router/modem all in 1, but a modem and i had to buy a WiFi modem next to that.

So now i have a:

- Touchstone modem from UPC Netherlands.

- WiFi Sitecom WL-341 as router.

- Norton Internet Security 2009

- OS Win7 Ultimate

Without the router all works very good and i get the green ok .

But when i add my WiFi i get the problem.

- NAT is enabled.

- Port Forwarding is activated my (static IP from PC) + port from uTorrent = 7400 (also tried it in Virtual Server mode)

- When trying to connect uTorrent Port checker it tells me port is forwarderd correct and accepting connections.

Please help me what am i missing ? Need more info pls ask. I hope i can provide all i need.

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You are probably double NATed because your modem Touchstone is a router too (like Sitecom WL-341).

The 1st solution is to set your modem to be only an access point. So you'll need only to forward a port in your Wifi router (automatically with UPnP or manually).

The 2nd solution is to forward a port in the router chain: read the uT manual to do that, it's explained (press F1 in uT).

Your wifi router has a local IP in the subnet of your modem/router. And your computer has a different local IP in the subnet of your wifi router.

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