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Error Message: ¨Can´t save resume file¨


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Utorrent was (and is) my first and only choice, like millions others, but recently I´ve reinstalled it after some time and find a strange behaviour. There are two problems.

Problem 1: Whenever I close the program and exit from UT, it gives me a message that it can´t save resume file. There is some help in the FAQ section regarding this particular problem, but it didn´t help. This window give me two options, Retry or Cancel. So untimately I´ve to choose Cancel button.

Problem 2: When I again reopen UT, it ask for the language selection, then a window about speedtest, settings etc.

The worst part is at every reopening of UT, all torrents log are gone, and it behave like first time initialize.

There is a solution of adding new dat files in exe folder, but it didn´t help.

Please guide, I do not want to switch to any other bittorent client.

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Try to run uTorrent as admin (right click on the shortcut or the exe), load a torrent and close uT.

Then check %appdata%\utorrent to see if resume.dat has been created.

If yes, rerun uT as normal user and check the issue is gone when you quit.

If not, keep a backup copy of the contents of %appdata%\utorrent then erase it. Then create new one with empty resume.dat and settings.dat. Control if you can close uT without the error.

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Many Thanks, it RESOLVED

Initially I did as per your instructions, but it had the same message, and some new messages, like can´t load .torrent .... I uninstalled and download new exe from UT site, install it as Administrator. It looks that the problem was initial installation(s) were not under Administrator control. Anyways, its working fine.

Thanks again

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