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Network OK - No Throttling - But only 1-2 kByte/s DL since yesterday!!


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Since yesterday evening, my uTorrent is downloading every Torrent at 1-2 kByte/s speed (no upload as well). The DL-speed crawls at that speed but sometimes goes up to 10 und plunges. I have no clue why it would do that since the morning that day, everything was just working fine! Between the morning and evening, I've only disconnected my Laptop from everything and put it back in the evening. Viola, a speed problem!

I've got my internet connection from my University (Germany) and I've already tested it for any throttling (with glasnote) but it came back negative. My Network Status is green und I get plenty of peer connections. The uTorrent Log is clear aswell. Only possible hints mightbe, that every torrent has only "1|0" or "2|0" requests top! And the RSS Feed isn't working!

I'm using uTorrent version 1.8.5 with the newest IPFilter-file from ozzy and forced protocol encryption - obviously no problems with that because variations showed no effect! Windows XP SP2 is installed and the Windows firewall is disabled (a further firewall ist not installed).

Does anyone have an idea what's going on?


EDIT: It seems like uTorrent hast to enforce itself to gain speed because with enough "pressure" from other peers the dl-rate climbes up to 30 kB/s. It doens't make sense because if I test my connection speed via known sites, it's 10MBit/s down und 2MBit/s up ...

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