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Utorrent Suddenly slow speed - Forward problems


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Hello :D

Before i start ill just apologize for my english, hope you can bare with it ^^

here is my problem:

For a couple of weeks ago my download speed was just fine, 100kb/s -1mb/s. but suddenly it dropped to 10-30 kb/s, and sometimes it cant connect to any peers. my upload speed hasn't really changed and is pretty much the same as before. i have tried to follow alot of guides and tutorials to speed up Utorrent but without luck, still crappy speed :(


I have tried to forward my port to utorrent, and again without luck. followed every step on portforward.com. Utorrent still shows the port as closed or not reachable :I

My port has always been showed as closed, and thats never really been a problem until now when my speed is suddenly so slow? (and yes ofcouse am quite used to the lovely "!") xb

Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

Avast antivirus 4.8 home edition.

Windows Firewall (all exceptions added).

Utorrent 1.8.5.

Belkin Wireless Router F5D7230-4.

10 Mbit Fullrate Connection.

I really dont know whats happened to my speed, but i hope you guys can help me out here, thx for your time ;)

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