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utorrent causes internet to disconnect


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I am running a completely fresh install of windows 7 ultimate 64.... I have pretty much no applications installed yet (Utorrent, frostwire, itunes, firefox, AVG, ccleaner, peer block, and quicktime)

I installed Utorrent, and am having problems... I can't seem to stay connected to the internet for more then 3-5 minutes before my computer loses it's internet connection, and attempts to relocate a signal (rosewill RNX-easy N1 USB adapter)... Also when I lose my internet connection, all computers on my home network get disconnected temporarily... so for some reason my 2Wire router seems to be resetting every time this happens

I have not changed any Utorrent settings just to try and simplify the troubleshooting... everything is at default since install.

***Note that frostwire, normal web surfing, playing browser games (have not installed steam yet), and anything else that may require an internet connection works fine... I am getting about 500kb DL speed with frostwire with no disconnects at all.

What can be causing this? Any idea on how to fix it?? I saw some troubleshooting strategies, but didn't want to change default settings until I ask!!

Thank you.

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