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Boss key bypass


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Hello, I searched for this and I believe I have not seen it yet.

The issue described involves opening a .torrent file with an external program (such as Firefox). Even though µTorrent is currently in hidden mode (via the Boss Key), a user is able to easily access the client while it is in boss key mode, therefore bypassing the boss key easily.

I believe an effective solution would include password protection when the interface is in boss key mode. This would allow the user to open a new torrent, and also protects it as well.

However, I am not sure if this is a feature or a bug. Since it is only a minor issue for me, I decided to take the time to report it anyway.

Thank you.

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It's not a bug. The point of the boss key isn't to disallow usage of your particular installation of µTorrent -- it's to prevent the casual user from realizing that you have µTorrent running (your boss, for example). If that user happens to open a .torrent file, and it opens your installation of µTorrent, then the situation no longer falls under the jurisdiction of "boss key". That they try to open a .torrent file means they expect µTorrent (or some BitTorrent client) to open, so having it not do anything would be even more suspicious (and would also be cause for people to complain that µTorrent is no longer opening .torrent files).

As for password locking, it's the wrong fix for something that is working as designed -- and has been rejected before anyhow. If you want to prevent users from getting to your installation, then you're better off not associating .torrent files with your instance of µTorrent, or simply locking µTorrent elsewhere in a different user account.

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