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Best way to utilize swarm so peers complete faster??


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I've been wondering if there are any factors to consider (when uploading torrents) that can maximize the efficiency of bittorrent? I'm tired of relying on the, "luck of the draw," so to speak. It seems that the more peers i can gather before my client announces/updates to the tracker the more effective the swarm can be (as a whole) and the less i have to upload before other peers are able to complete. Sometimes, for a 200mb torrent, I have to upload ~1gb before the swarm is healthy enough to stand on it's own without me. Other times, I can get away with uploading ~265mb It just depends on how the peer traffic comes in, i guess. If i have 10 peers waiting for the tracker to recognize me as a seeder, the whole process goes by MUCH more smoothly as opposed to 1 peer coming in every couple minutes. I guess the more direct seeding i do to individual peers, the more time it takes overall. So, what's the best method of ensuring that pieces are distributed in the most beneficial way possible?

-Would reducing the number of upload slots make things better or worse?

-What's the optimal number of peers/slots for a 200kB/s connection?

-Would it help to lower upload speed for a few minutes to shrink the gap between peers with highest and lowest completion %? I hardly ever start torrent with initial seeding on, but I've noticed that when a good number of top peers have the same % completed...turning on initial seeding really speeds things along.

I've done enough uploading to know that the dynamic of swarm is very important in getting the most seeds without having to upload much more than 1.0 ratio. But I've yet draw any useful conclusion on how to do it. I know alot of it also depends on the bandwidth of peers too. But aside from things like that (which are beyond my control anyways) what can i do to better cover my end of things?

also....the torrents are always single files ranging from 200-600mb. Dht is disabled as well as peer exchange and LPD.

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While downloading, it seems "best" to have upload slots average about 5-10 KB/sec ...with 10 KB/sec used mostly if you think the torrent has many fast peers and closer to 5 KB/sec if you think the torrent has mostly slower peers.

While seeding, upload slots can be reduced slightly for the seeding torrent because it no longer has any interest in tit-for-tat with peers. Also, seeding torrents need FAR fewer connections than downloading torrents for optimal results:


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