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Problems Help Please


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I just changed isp from virgin media to talktalk & now i got a wireless router, i turned the firewall off on the router because i cant download torrents but it is still the same cant download 1kb is probely the highest speed lol. I have tested to see if the port is forwarding properly & it says Port is open and accepting connections. You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections. But the icon is still red sometimes it goes yellow but not green. The icon is saying not connectable A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you.

Someone help please im going mad been trying to sort it out for 2 days now & its really starting to do my head in, im gonna end up smashing my laptop up now. :mad: cheers


I thought i got it workin but it is still not right, the icon is now green & it is saying network ok but the port number i am using & set up is not open when i test it, it was ok earlyer but it is not now, but icon is still green :rolleyes: come on people help me or am i talkin 2 myself.

I done setting up a static ip & i put the preferred dns server number in but i left the alternative dns server blank because i dont know what number to put there or where i get it from, could this be the problem?

Why aint anybody helping i have read & followed the port forwarding thing but it still wont work :mad:

I have got the port open the icon is green but still same speeds :mad:

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Try the test torrents mentioned in the 1st link in my signature to see if your problem occurs even with known-to-be-VERY-FAST torrents. :)

Encryption-wise, you might get better results doing this:


or this:


(NOTE: Those settings were a special case for a wireless ISP, so understand them before you try them!)

TalkTalk is a very hostile-to-BitTorrent ISP:




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