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Horribly Broken Relative Pathing


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I have noticed the following issues with relative pathing.

1. On this Vista computer (1.8.5), µTorrent will randomly decide to change paths to a directory that a torrent was just loaded from. This means that when a torrent is loaded from say the desktop, other torrents get errors because instead of a relative path of .\Incomplete Files on my portable drive leading to I:\BitTorrent\Incomplete Files, as it had been doing for the past week, process explorer shows uTorrent doing the relative paths from the desktop. I am unable to reproduce this behavior consistently.

2. On this Vista computer and my XP computer at home, using the relative path \Downloads for RSS favorites doesn't work at all. Instead of following from the drive root it paths as though it were .\ (from current directory). The path is also displayed and saved to resume.dat as an absolute path, ruining portability.

3. On my XP computer, manually entering in \ relative paths in the add torrent dialog results in files being downloaded to the wrong location under some circumstances. Attempts to download to the root of the drive (ex. "\ooo.exe") result in the file, seemingly randomly, being downloaded to either the program directory or the appdata directory. Pathing to a folder that doesn't exist results in "Error: The system cannot find the path specified. " while absolute paths create the folder.

4. On this Vista computer, I tried to use the relative paths ".\Incomplete Files" for the default download location, and a move completed torrents to location of "..\Downloads" if downloading to the default download directory. My torrents were not moved and continue to work from ".\Incomplete Files" I had originally been using ..\Downloads as the default download location, which worked fine, and cut/pasted that to the move torrents to directory option.

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