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Found this site??


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I have been using bitcomet but was gonna try a new torrent so why not U ;)

anyway this site popped up almost 5 best on google sins i run vista and i am from sweden i klicked..

it's an swe site

language it's in swe but when i download the file they wnated me to enter a code, pay for an code.

now i see that this software is free and well i spent my money prolly buying bullshit.. dumb me but anyway just like u guys to know about the site so u can do something about them.

they prolly scam alot ppl so get som pages out that you guys are free took me alot of time to find that and maybe it's search that sucks but usually when i type stuff like utorrent pricecomes up direct.

maybe i try your software after the ppl that scam your names are gone..

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