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Delete files that are NOT in .torrent


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Hi !

I need this feature that i never seen.

To explain :

I would like, when i load a .torrent, that all files on my drives than are NOT present in the .torrent to be deleted.

Example :

Version1.torrent containing files A.TXT, B.TXT and C.TXT.

If i load Version2.torrent containing A.TXT, C.TXT, D.TXT, then B.TXT have to be deleted.

If it could be implemented in µTorrent would be fabulous.

If not, there is a plug-in for/or another software doing that?

Thanx !

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Found a "solution" for this problem. Not an easy one, but seems to be the only way for now...


And no, uTorrent doesn't need to be a sync tool, it just needs an option to move the data to another folder. The old folder is left with files excluded from torrents and can be trashed.

Maybe it already has such an option? I tried "Relocate..." option in "Files" tab, but it seems that it didn't move the files, it only changed links.

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Hi !

Sorry to play the grave digger...

But since i saw the new version of µTorrent and his Apps... i told me : Ding, here it its !

So, now, someone can do it? And something lighter than µBrowse if possible, my µTorrent is crying while loading ALL the torrent in a row.

The software from Algus was pretty good also, but same, PC's crying with huge list of files.

Thanks in advance if someone does this App for µTorrent.

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