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red arrows when downloading and seeding ?


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hey all - i tried downloading some stuff off tpb and saw that im getting red arrows while downloading & seeding. (DWNLD COMPLETED AND SEEDING, RED ARROWS & ALL)

checked the suggestions here http://www.bootstrike.com/Articles/BitTorrentGuide/ (ALL GOOD)

and ran a test downlod'n something here http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ (NO RED ARROWS)

also checked by downloading someth'n from mininva (AGAIN NO RED ARROWS)

i clicked on torrent and selected "update tracker" - still nothing.

could it be someting to do with TPB?

or some setting i might be overlooking?

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thanks for that Switeck,

i will check that out for sure - but right now i dont even know what im doing up.

aside from my buzz its a little late and it was a pretty long day i will check that stuff out though - thanks!

i had been away from the computer for a while after i portforwarded. i mean - i portforwarded > tried again > still red arrows. i let it be since it was obviously still seeding. went away from the computer to go & watch the hangover (pretty f'n funny BTW).

when i came back arrow was blue & still seeding. i dont know that was weird.

man i just fell off my char - i gettaget off this thing!

im check'n that Troubleshooting Guide for sure.

thanks for chiming in!


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