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utorrent 1.8.5 stops working with 1 tracker


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any idea why one tracker would stop working with utorrent. it works fine for other users on the tracker. i started using another client and it works fine. i uninstalled and removed all utorrent data and started from scratch yet the problem still occurs. I get "the operation timed out" when connecting to this one private tracker.

i have changed ports and ip addresses and still have the same issue.

any ideas as i am clueless now.


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its just an issue i have with settings or something got corrupted. i just can't figure it out. the tracker is allowed as i talked to the admin and they ban very few clients and utorrent is not one of them.

does the uninstall remove 100% of the utorrent settings/files? does utorrent store any info anywhere else other then the appdata folder? and the exe installed location?

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I also have an issue with the last update of uTorrent 1.85 (17091), (not sure if it's a final or rc3)

This build of uTorrent doesn't seem to like SSL connections anymore

I always have 1-2 torrents(Out of 6) with the 'updating' status like .. forever..

Didn't happen with 17056, so It must be an issue related to the 'fix':

'More strict https connection state management for halfopen accounting'

I have tried increasing the number of 'half open connections' and allowing that URL into the trusted sites(I'm told uT uses Win-IE SSL libraries)


It's NOT a Win7 issue, tried it on Vista32 and it did the same thing

I have captured its network traffic with a network monitor, and it seems for me that once a torrent is in 'updating' state, it doesn't send any new announce connections outside

Every older or newer(betas)builds seem to Work just fine.

Thanks in advance.

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ah interesting i didn't think about that. how do you download an older version so i can test this out?

more specifically how do i get an older 1.8.5 version? the 1.8.4 seems to work where as 185 does not. but it used to work. so if i can get an older 185 i hope my problem will be solved.

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If you're talking about the ~300 build number difference, understand that that number only refers to the number of revisions in the µTorrent source code repository, and the code repository is shared between a bunch of µTorrent builds (Mainline BitTorrent, µTorrent 1.8.5, 2.0, 2.1, µTorrent Mac 0.9.2, 0.9.3). Any changes for any of the builds will increment the revision number.

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