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Internal update to new version


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O4/11/09 I asked about unavailability of the update to v1.8.5


The answer to my request was - that is temporary. I hope I understood that correctly.

As I found, in this forum you cannot post new request into the old thread if your post is the last one. That is considered as double-posting - you can just edit your last post, which I did,... but who will look at such old entry?

Therefore I took a courage and created this new request.

Unfortunately I still cannot get the update from within the program.

Can anybody please shed some light on the issue

Thanks in advance

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1/ Double posting has been disabled but when you edit the last post, the entire thread goes to the top of the subforum, like any new post in a thread.

2/ Auto-updating is not available surely because of remaining bugs like this one about HTTPS trackers: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=435887#p435887

But you can update manually your client, just replace the old exe by the new one.

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Hi moogly,

Thanks for reply.

Re: #1 I was suspecting as much something like that, but unfortunately the thread was not moved to the top of the stack (???) when I checked later.

As for #2 Pointing to the bug as a reason is much appreciated. Sure I can wait :)

The question is about suggested exe substitution.

Where the exe can be downloaded?

As far as I know currently that is an installer. I did try that with version 1.8.4 and despite unchecking all ASK options the Toolbar was installed (unfortunately I can confirm - that is an issue , as some users already reported).

So I cleaned the system/Registry and I decided to wait for internal update since that should not bring ASK Toolbar as it is stated.

But just in case for the future where "new EXE only" (not the installer!) can be found?

Thank you in advance

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Hi DreadWingKnight,

Probably I am lost in terminology but prior to v1.8.4 I was getting updates internally.

Then I wanted to download 1.8.4 for the separate setting of uTorrent and I was presented with those optional check boxes that was never the case before.

So well,... if you wish not to call it "the installer" I will not.

But as I understand if I download current utorrent.exe from http://www.utorrent.com/

and substitute current v1.8.4 as suggested, I will get the question about ASK on a first run ... and that's what I don't want to happen

Please correct me, if I am wrong


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Thank you for quick reply, DreadWingKnight

but that "IF" makes me nervous :) because I was searching for some kinda announcement that the issue was fixed, but I cannot find it

"unchecking all three checkboxes" (and that is guarantied!) in v1.8.4 as I pointed resulted in ASK Toolbar being installed.

Therefore my initial question here about internal update that should not bring a problem as declared.

My regards

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Hi Firon,

Thanks for reply.

Now I am in situation where I will still wait for internal update, since I can live with 1.8.4 and wait for the fix of mentioned bug as moogly pointed above

But if you are saying so I will try again later.


p.s. Offtopic

I am not a newbie. It was installed and few members reported that too

...and I cleaned it. I purposely left only one entry, because I am a tester of several security Packages, so I need that specific detection


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