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web and utorrent wont play nice...


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Hi, long time utorrent user :)

I recently got a new ISP so i set up my old home network again.

Im not exactly sure what the issue is, however i cannot use the internet and have utorrent on at the same time.

I at 1st thought it was my ISP so i just started using some proxies.

The proxy worked just fine however that just seemed like a stall tactic and not a solution as to what the actual issue might be.

so I am wondering if it might be my router?

ISP: roadrunner

router: an old netgear i had lying around

OS: win xp pro x64 / win7 ult x64

if anyone might know what is causing this and im able to fix it than great, but if not ill stick with my proxies.

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thanks i will try it out


hmm dunno if it rely works, testing a few things now and internet is working fine however the net always randomly works lol.

oh another thing i cant seed.

i can only seed using proxies or while im actually downloading.


nvrm randomly started working again XD

I wonder what i could have recently done to my connection, that it has all this randomness.

maybe i should just kick back and enjoy it :D

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