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i am unable to download torrent using utorrent ...


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Following are my details,

1. I have a very good connection (2Mbps line) can download rapidshare 100MB file in 12-14 mins,

2. There is ccproxy being used for connecting and in my browser I have set that similary for utorrent I have set the same proxy

3. But still utorrent doesnt downloads any torrent,

4. I have changed the incoming random port in utorrent to 80 and ran the speed guide to test port forwarding which shows it can forward so shows working though the torrent doesnt gets downloaded.

5. I also have a firewall where port 80 is open.

I have to give the proxy address always as thts the only way surfing and downloading works in my case

please help me to troubleshoot whats going wrong

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ok i have not used the proxy i m the on the machine where this proxy was running ..... this machine itself doesnt requires proxy as it has internet on it, i tested utorrent on this one even and it doesnt works

i ran the port forwarding test from here and it shows positive, its working, but the actual torrent downloading is not working at all even if i dont use this proxy ...

now what could be issue ... i can surf from this machine, download rapidshare and other stuff but not torrents ... WHY?

auh .. i m tired of understanding whts going wrong ....the developers shld know whts going wrong or else this damn torrent stuff is stupid...

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