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Followed portforward.com guide, checked windows but... nothing :(


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2,3 weeks ago, I bought a rooter.

Since then I hadn't used utorrent, until 4 days ago.

I noticed that the download speed had decreased A LOT.

I mean, now the average is like 12kb/sec... Before I bought the rooter It was like 180...

I realised that the icon on the buttom was red... I double clicked it and it said that my port was closed....

After some googling, I found utorrent ports setup guide in portforward.com

I followed all the steps including the static ip setup.

But it didn't work. The speed remained low and the icon remained red.

But.. it's strange.. my router is smcwbr14s-n2 and in the configuration page, I have the UPnP box checked, so ...shouldn't all the port setup process be unnecessary?

I am 99% sure that the problem isn't with the Windows firewall, because when I connect my laptop to the university wireless connection, the utorrent download speed is good...(and the torrent downloading was the same that in my home).

I have windows vista in my laptop, but my desktop computer (the one I used to download stuff with utorrent before having the rooter) has windows XP, and the speed has decreased pretty much the same in it too.

Also, my upload speed is working perfectly.......!

The wireless signal is "Excelent"...

my internet speed is 6mbit/sec

I don't know what to do. Can you help me?

Here are some details shown in the router configuration page:

Connection Type : DHCP Client
Streamengine : Active
Cable Status : Connected
Network Status : Established
Connection Type : DHCP Client
Streamengine : Active
Cable Status : Connected
Network Status : Established
Connection Up Time : 0 Day 1 Hour 13 Min 50 Sec

Authentication & Security :
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
Primary DNS Server :
Secondary DNS Server :
BigPond Server Name :
BigPond Status :


IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
DHCP Server : Enabled

Wireless LAN

Wireless Radio : Enabled
WISH : Active

Network Name (SSID) : RedeJoao
Channel : 6
Turbo Mode : Disabled
Security Mode : WPA/WPA2 - Personal
Wi-Fi Protected Setup : Enabled/Configured

LAN Computers
IP Address Name (if any) MAC ACER-PC 00:22:fa:13:6a:10

Game Rules List

UTorrent 6881-6889 6881-6889 Always Allow All

Utorrent settings:
listening port:6884 ( I already tried with a lot of ports like 40600,..)
upnp port mapping : no
nat-pmp port mapping:yes
ramdom port: no
add wndows firewall exception :yes (I also tried with no..)



I have also followed the setup guide provided in the sticky posts...

the test torrent (openoffice) and the speed is 170kb/s

Ok, now you might say that the problem is that the other torrents im downloading have few seeds.. but... Then why when I conncect my laptop to the university and library connections the other torrents speed is good (despite the speed of connection beeing probably around the same? )

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Well you have a very difficult situation. Are you in a dorm or similar?? Also I would Omit those MAC addresses ;)

Well if you have Both UPnP and Port Forwarding enabled that just makes thing worse. You use one or the other and UPnP is VERY UNSECURE NOT RECCOMENDED..Besides sometimes it owrks sometimes it don't???

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Nah, im not in a dorm... I'm in my house, and I have total control over the rooter and modem and those stuff...

I disabled the UPnP in the rooter configuration page too. But the problem stills.

Besides sometimes it owrks sometimes it don't???

In my home network, I only could achieve a good speed with the open office torrent.

But when I take my laptop to my school, and I connect to the network in there, utorrents download speed is good for all the other torrents, (which in my house download at 12 kb/s :( ). Conclusion: the problem is not my firewall... It must be the rooter....

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Your home ISP may have recently started heavily throttling BitTorrent traffic too, and it was just coincidence that you bought a router then. Or the router may make the already-existing throttling a little worse if it's not handling port forwarding correctly.

Your speedtest link shows you have less than 0.4 mbit/sec upload. :(

xx/384k in Speed Guide CTRL+G or 384 kbit/sec upload settings from my speed chart (2nd link in signature).

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well, im gonna try take off the rooter and test. if the torrents download fast, then it's not the ISP.

The upload speed is low, indeed... I dunno why but in my country (Portugal) ISP providers dont give people much upload speed :S

Its kinda shitty.. but That isn't the problem.. cause I was conscious I had that slow upload speed until before I bought the rooter, but i could download at 180kb/s average.. sometimes 400kb/s...

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i have settings on 4 uploads slot per torrent and 25kbsec upload speed.

Before the rooter I had the same up speed...

btw I have avast, but p2p shield disactivated... also that mustnt be the problem because in my other pc, i have avg and the speed is shitty too... (well before the rooter, it wasn't)..

IT must be the rooter... but.. WHAT do I do?? :( i have everything set !!!

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"i have settings on 4 uploads slot per torrent and 25kbsec upload speed."

That's only above 3 KB/sec per upload slot if you have 2 torrents at most active at a time.

Disable SPI and UPnP in the router?

Make sure the DHCP range is small and doesn't include your computer's LAN ips?

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