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low or zero download speed on all torrents (been through the basics)


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back when i had comcast speeds were fantastic, then i moved and now have charter. they're not usually listed as being bad for bittorrent or anything and doing a glasnost test reported no problems. (http://broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/bttest.php)

here's the details:

current utorrent version

win xp sp3

no setting changes have effect (whether default or custom) (ports, connection amounts, speed, encryption etc)

get >1kB down usually, highest is usually about 20kB sometimes i get 0 down though

can't connect to many (or sometimes any) seeds.

ie in my current torrent, i have:

0 (5998) seeds and 32 (3792) peers with a dl speed of 0.4kB max. avail. 0.000

no other downloads

wired ethernet to cable internet, speedtest.net 11.95Mb down 1.05Mb up

I have no firewall enabled, no antivirus enabled (for testing)

utorrent shows a green check at the bottom

I would be VERY grateful for anyones help. I've search and searched and searched online and all i can find is the same regurgitated info everywhere of people not forwarding a port properly, or something simple like that.

Thank you!!!!

will be adding info as i can, but wanted this posted so people could see it asap.

ISP: Charter Communications

Router: Apple Airport Extreme (802.11n model)

OS: WinXP pro sp3

LAN connection: ethernet

Port forwarded: tried 6881-6889, 52526, 52527

net.max_halfopen: 8

TCPIP.SYS: never modified

no antivirus

no firewall

UPDATE: Followed guide here: http://www.bootstrike.com/Articles/BitTorrentGuide/

torrent listed above still not working.

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