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Clean up torrents of deleted data


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I readed the faq and could not find this, so.

Let's see, I burn my data on a dvd and deletes the ones on the HDD. Of course the torrents in µTorrent remains to exist. Can there be an option to delete the torrents without data which (ofcourse) are allready downloaded (in seed mode).

If there is allready a function for it, tell me and sorry.

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Actually, I think this is a rather vital aspect, I find it *very* annoying that when I've removed the torrents I've used, I still got to go into that appdata dir and delete the other torrent aswell.

I personally solved it with a bootup .bat file that checks the dir for any .torrent files and deletes

them if found, but really .. the application should be able to handle such an easy task without

adding bloat to it.

(or did I get the original posters idea wrong?)

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