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Incorrect Time Remaining with skipped files


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1.8.4, Vista x64.

When downloading a torrent with skipped files the time remaining is calculated from the total size including the skipped files.

e.g. 5GiB torrent, skip all but 1GiB. When (initially) downloading at 100KiB/sec it will report 15 hours 34 min remaining, instead of the correct 2 hours 54 min.

Noting that the percentage completed is calculated correctly - in the example above, after 100MiB the percentage done will be correctly shown as 9.7%.

The time remaining appears to be calculated based on (total size)*(correct percentage done)/ (speed), so it becomes progressively closer to correct as it downloads, however it should be ((total size)-(skipped))*(percent done)/(speed).

e.g. on above example after 0.5GiB has been downloaded (50%) the time remaining is calculated based on 50% of the total 5GiB i.e. 2.5GiB (not 5GiB - 0.5GiB = 4.5GiB)

This occurs with files skipped from first download (i.e. unselected in first dialogue when .torrent is opened) as well as skipped after download begins.

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After watching the time remaining on a torrent with a large portion of the files skipped the time remaining seems a little finicky.

The size and speeds are roughly as in the example. While downloading between 40 and 50 KiB/sec with 20% (220MiB) done it was displaying 8 hours (correct would be around 5), the speed ramped up to around 70-100 and over 1 min or so the time remaining increased steadily to 2 weeks then fluctuated between 5.5 hours and 2 w (2w is roughly correct for 50KB/sec for the full 5GB) while downloading between 60 and 120 KiB/sec

The last 3 times I have checked it was 140 KiB/sec and 15 hours, then 40KiB/sec and 5.5 hours, then 30KiB/sec and 6.5 hours. The speed is reasonably stable (speed graph fairly smooth, no big drops or spikes, speed changes gradual).


Over the last few min the time remaining has followed the speed changes fairly consistently, but it's still reporting significantly higher at every speed.

Anyway, stayed up long enough watching it download sleepy time now.

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