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Ratio shows fantastic value


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Hello, people!

    1) Let's add a job containing multiple files. Select for download only 1 file in it.

    2) When the job completes, you will have 2 files on your disk - the "selected file" and ~uTorrentPartFile.dat.

    3) Delete the job from the list. Now you have only "selected file", 'cause ~uTorrentPartFile.dat will be deleted by uTorrent.

    4) Add the job back. Check the "selected file" for "download" - really it will go for seeding.

    5) uTorrent will "check" the most of contents of the "selected file", but the pieces on the edges will be incomplete, 'cause partially they were settled in ~uTorrentPartFile.dat that was deleted on step 3.

    5) So the uTorrent have to redownload the "edge pieces". The amount of downloaded data will go to the denominator of Ratio formula. Although the whole "job size" is the aggregate of all pieces - "checked" + "downloaded".

    Considerating to big difference between size of two "edge pieces" and the aggregation of all pieces in "selected file", the Ratio column in Torrent job list may show the fantastic value (high above hundred or even thousand) after several days of seeding.

    I think, it's a bug, not a feature ;-)


Yours truly, A.

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This is neither a bug nor a feature. µTorrent is simply following the definition of ratio -- being uploaded/downloaded. If you downloaded a X kilobytes to finish up a missing piece, then you downloaded X kilobytes. There's no changing that. It's just an edge-case behavior that you'll have to deal with for using a feature that BitTorrent was not originally designed to do (skip files).

µTorrent doesn't and shouldn't keep track of torrent jobs you previously removed, so there is no reason it should know that you actually had Y kilobytes downloaded from before it was removed (and consequently use X+Y kilobytes as the downloaded amount). There is no reason it should assume that the existing data on disk was also downloaded in µTorrent either, as it could just as easily have come from elsewhere (HTTP mirror, or something).

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